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About Me

Being in love with media since she was a highschool journalist, Dymond Alexis broadened her skills in media and music while attending Temple University.

Blackaphillyated in December of 2015. She always intrigued with music and journalism.

Having a passion to inform and engage at an early age, Dymond Alexis’s passion inspired her to create her own media platform, Blackaphillyated. Blackaphillyated was founded in December of 2015 and gained attention from millions including prominent figures, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart and many more.

Dymond served as a College Marketing Representative for Sony Music Entertainment. During her position she was able to create and execute marketing plans for assigned Sony artists. She has worked with Wycelf Jean, Lecrae, Nick Grant, Miguel and more from their roster. Dymond also worked as a Board Operator for Urban (Radio) One Philadelphia for WRNB Philly. She served as the producer for Karen Vaughn. In this position, Dymond was able to create written script for ‘Work with Karen’ and manage WRNB’s content on social media platforms and website. Dymond completed these jobs while attending college.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies and Production in May 2018.

Currently, she manages social media pages for established businesses. She also consults creatives on social media ideas and assists in developing marketing/content plans.

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