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Phone Loops Designs Products to Prevent Phone Damage

Phone Loops Designs Products to Prevent Phone Damage

Phone loops has developed a tool to prevent smart phone users from dropping their phone. Phone loops, known as Loops, are designed to make your life easier and alleviate your anxiety when it comes to dropping your phone.

With an expertise background in product development and product management, founder and entrepreneur Jean-Philippe Brousseau knew he wanted to create a durable product that can survive in the product industry. Phone loops was the first business Brousseau created on his own but, has assisted with business plans and development throughout his career.

The main benefit of Phone Loops is it helps prevents you from dropping your phone while remaining in style. The second benefit is being able to have a solid hold of your device. The product is meant to decrease accidental drops.

The community manager for Phone loops Eve stated that life before phone loops was filled with “endless phone drops.”

“Now we have a discreet, light tool that is compatible with any case,” said Eve.

Phone loops currently have several products including phone cases, phone straps, leashes, charms, and more accessories. The products can be purchased on https://phoneloops.com.


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