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Marlon Wayans’ Sextuplets Will Have Your Netflix Night Filled with Laughter

Marlon Wayans’ Sextuplets Will Have Your Netflix Night Filled with Laughter

Sextuplets showed not only that a black man can produce an amazing film without a crazy budget but, also those black comedians are actors too. Marlon Wayans comes from a family known for talented, creative comedians that have made fans laugh for decades. From the Wayans Brothers to White Chicks and now Sextuplets, Marlon Wayans has entered his peak showing that he deserves the respect of being one of the best.

Sextuplets made its debut on Netflix and Wayans discusses what drew him to Netflix and why he decided to make it his debut platform for Sextuplets.

“There are not many comedies that are going to movie theaters,” said Wayans. “What’s beautiful about Netflix is that they embrace comedy and they embrace diversity.”

Sextuplets start off with Alan, the brother who puts the entire family together. He’s tried for years but, never wanted to ask for help. He discovered one brother, Russell, thinking they were twins, and found out he had four other siblings. Alan and Russell went on a journey to find their long, lost siblings who were scattered everywhere, each with a different background. After being kidnapped, the siblings reunite with each other and their mother appears. I could tell that each sibling’s desire of having their mother was fulfilled and helped them fill the void they were missing all of their life. One of my favorite parts of the film was when Ethan decided to take the charge of his brother Alan, without any questions.

The mind-blowing part of the film is the amount of skills Wayans used to produce Sextuplets. Wayans plays six characters with different personalities, ranging in various sizes and many makeup changes. The amount of talent that takes is a lot and if you know theater arts, then you understand what I mean! I was extremely impressed by the quality of the film and how age-appropriate it was also. Many films Wayans has done in the past can be vulgar, but this one was perfect. I wouldn’t feel bad watching this with my siblings or grandmother because it’s definitely family-friendly.

“I used everything I had in my pocket for this movie, performing arts high school, building a character, using animals as characters to keep the consistency, stand-up comedy for the improv and writing  – anything I’ve ever practiced in the art comedy, I was able to do in this movie,” said Wayans.

Of course, comparisons of Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor or Norbit concepts came to viewers’ minds but, the Wayans added his own touch to his story. Wayans stated that all comedians and actors are inspired by greats but, he would always take his inspiration and create his own.

Sextuplets was hilarious and had a happy ending that viewers, including myself, weren’t expecting. It had moments where you were hysterically laughing and others that were more sentimental. For example, the scene with characters Alan and Russell in the field and they were being chased after a bull was hilarious. It reminded me of the scene with Marlon and Shawn Wayans in White Chicks – this scene was epic. The film taught viewers that no matter what, family is all you have. Alan went through bailing his sister out of jail, giving his kidney to his brother Baby Pete without his full consent, and getting kidnapped at gunpoint with his brother Jasper.

I learned that family is all you have and you have to cherish them while you can. I would highly recommend watching Sextuplets – it’s definitely worth it!

Rating: 8/10


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