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Bruce Thompson Uses Transitions to Influence His New Journey

Bruce Thompson Uses Transitions to Influence His New Journey

Bruce Thompson is achieving his dreams daily whether it’s playing for his hometown’s football team the New Orleans Saints to being sponsored by Fashionova Men – Bruce Thompson is being a “dream chaser.”

The New Orleans native, athlete, and model have not only stunned us with his accomplishments but, his fashion sense is impeccable. Thompson always considered himself “dripped,” which is equivalent to fashionable – but, after attending New York Fashion Week for the first time, Thompson was exposed to various style combinations leaving him inspired after.

“It gave me a different perspective from looking outside in, seeing the background work and overall experience was amazing,” said Thompson. “It was a warm welcome to the fashion world.”

Thompson was spotted everywhere during fashion week, including Christian Loubiton and Laquan Smith’s fashion show. Both of the events were amazing and Thompson felt at home. Thompson left fashion week inspired, motivated and rejuvenated giving him the boost he needed to start 2019 off positively.

“It brought me to a whole different mindset like oh, let me step my game up a little more.”

Now besides him being super fashionable, his New Orleans accent and roots are shown throughout everything he does. Thompson recalled a time when he meet supermodel Winnie Harlow and she heard him speak and fell in love with his accent. He uses his New Orleans roots to enhance his “go-getter” mentality. He has seen many people he looked up to either mess up their opportunities or turn their obstacles into wins – his dream was to take the best route and overcome his obstacles.

One of Thompson’s idols is Meek Mill – he talked about his journey and how he is a role model to not only people in Philadelphia but, people everyone. Meek Mill’s drive and perseverance continuously motivated Thompson to keep going even when things seemed impossible. His advice to others is to “Have your own flavor on you but, stay in your lane and roll with it,” said Thompson.

Even though Thompson is no longer with the New Orleans Saints he is steadily training and working hard in Miami to prepare for the NFL. When he’s not training he’s taking bomb pictures to add to his modeling portfolio. Thompson is currently sponsored by Fashionova Men, Sprayground, Cross Colours LA, and Strideline.

Currently, Thompson is the owner of apparel brand Dreamathon which is dedicated to all dreamers.


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